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  • How does a neurotoxin work?
    These products, such as Xeomin, block signals from the nerves to the muscles, rendering the muscle unable to/weakened to contract. This makes wrinkles relax and soften and prevents deepening lines.
  • What is Hyaurlonic Acid?
    This acid, that is found in fillers, is naturally made in the body. This fluid is hydrophillic (loves water) and is found in many areas, including cushioning the joints. It is a viscous fluid that is soft enough to be injected into the lips and cheeks, while still holding form.
  • How long do treatments last?
    Every treatment is different and there is no way to say exactly how long each will last. However, general guidelines are as follows: - Face Xeomin: 3 months - Lip flip: 2-3 months - Filler: 6-12 months This will vary depending on how much product is used, history of use, general health and physical activity, among other factors.
  • What is the healing time?
    You can resume normal activity relatively quickly, but should take it easy for the rest of the day following your injections. This means, no heavy workouts, no massages to the treated areas, and no lying flat for a few hours. Lip fillers should avoid very hot foods and liquids that day and should drink a sufficient amount of water. You will be given specific instructions at your appointment.
  • Do you do parties?
    YES! They are so much fun and can be done in your home. For pricing and information, please inquire on the contact page via our form. There are requirments for a minimum number of people for these parties, but they are discounted.


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